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Forensic Psychological Services




Mental Health Document Rewiew


Dr. Lerner prepares attorneys for depositions and trials. After reviewing mental health documentation, he identifies critical variables and provides unsettling questions that opposing mental health providers do not want to be asked. He has over two decades of experience serving as an expert witness on behalf of (or for) plaintiffs and defendants. 


“Personal Psychological Injury”


Dr. Lerner coined the term "Personal Psychological Injury" to address the often overlooked and minimized psychological and functional damage caused by traumatic events. He has served as an Expert Witness, Forensic Consultant, Examiner and Treatment Provider in legal matters involving:


           • bullying

           • harassment

           • defamation

           • wrongful termination

           • employment matters

           • criminal actions

           • medical malpractice  

           • accidents, etc. 




Dr. Lerner works regularly with parents and education lawyers to ensure that children’s psychoeducational needs are being appropriately addressed by schools. He is frequently involved in preparation for, and testifying in Disciplinary, Impartial and Manifestation Hearings.


Child Custody & Visitation


In working with marital and family lawyers, Dr. Lerner thoroughly reviews court appointed mental health evaluator’s reports, and empowers counsel in preparation for depositions and trials.


Peer Review


Dr. Lerner reviews psychological reports and related documentation for the automobile insurance industry. He is the co-author of Mental Health Cost Containment: Detecting Unnecessary & Fraudulent Services Following Motor Vehicle Accidents


Law Enforcement Psychological Appeals


As the co-founder of Law Enforcement Psychological Evaluation Preparation (PEPtalk), Dr. Lerner works to demystify the evaluation process and assist candidates who have been wrongfully branded as “Psychologically Unsuitable” for such positions as police officer, sheriff, correction officer and Firefighter.

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