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Lerner Psychological Services, P.C.


Dr. Mark Lerner has been a licensed Clinical & Forensic Psychologist and certified School Psychologist in the State of New York for well over two decades. He is president of Lerner Psychological Services, P.C., a New York based professional corporation. Dr. Lerner has a special interest in helping people through particularly challenging experiences. To learn more about Dr. Lerner, visit the link above.


Dr. Lerner's psychological services are independent of his work at Mark Lerner Associates, Inc., a corporation that provides productions, presentations, publications and consulting services, internationally.


Livia Dubinsky, LMSW


As a Master Social Worker, Livia Dubinsky focuses on helping individuals and families through challenging times. After graduating from Adelphi University at the top of her class with a Masters Degree in Social Work, she developed and implemented a therapeutic program for victims of sexual human trafficking for Nassau County. It was part of the New York court system’s Human Trafficking Intervention Initiative, the nation’s first statewide efforts to dedicated courts designed to intervene in the lives of trafficked human beings. Livia subsequently developed The Positive Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment and Renewal (POWER) Program at The Safe Center LI, a non-profit agency that provides therapeutic interventions to victims of emotional, psychological and physical abuse. The trauma-informed curriculum works to aid participants in establishing safety within their environment and recognizing the victimization and its impact on their lives. To date, this highly successful program has helped hundreds of victims.

At Lerner Psychological Services, P.C., Livia provides life coaching and counseling to individuals living through day-to-day stress and other difficult times. In turn, I apply the tools I developed for the POWER program at The Safe Center LI. Placing emphasis on the strength of the therapeutic relationship is my priority. Building the trust necessary for growth by creating an environment that is validating, non-judgmental, compassionate and genuine is essential in bringing about effective change. Here, you can safely explore and process feelings, thoughts, images, and beliefs, conscious or unconscious that may be keeping you "stuck." I temper this process with creativity, imagination and humor, along with practical solutions and concrete goals. I also work collaboratively with physicians, psychiatrists, nutritionists and the judicial system, to provide an optimum and multi-dimensional level of care.


To contact Livia Dubinsky, LMSW, please telephone (631) 673-3513.

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