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SESSIONS with DR. MARK LERNER™ is a live Reality Theatre Production™. Distinguished “clients” enact unscripted SESSIONS from a challenging time in their life. Ultimately, they share how they harnessed their painful emotional energy and used that energy to propel themselves to overcome. 


Synopsis for SESSIONS with DR. MARK LERNER


In 2008, an HBO drama entitled "In Treatment” debuted and ran through 2010. The program, about a psychologist and his patients, aired five nights a week. It won critical acclaim and numerous honors, including Emmy, Golden Globe and Writers Guild awards. There was clearly an audience for fictitious, meticulously scripted “therapy” sessions.


Today, an innovative, inspirational and informational Reality Theatre Production, SESSIONS with DR. MARK LERNER™ is presenting LIVE ON STAGE


ACT I is set in years past. A "distinguished client" enacts a particularly challenging time in his life in the sanctuary of the therapist's office. Audience members are the proverbial flies on the wall, keenly observing the client elucidating the raw feelings behind his words.


ACT II is set in the present day. Breaking the fourth wall, the audience learns how the client worked to overcome his experience—opening the gate to how others, too, could walk down the path from victim to survivor and, ultimately, thriver.

A Timely Vision

On Monday evenings, when Broadway/Off-Broadway houses are traditionally dark, SESSIONS can be presented as “special events” with renown people who have overcome. The set, audio and lighting are minimalistic, drawing all attention to the client and Dr. Lerner.

As our world becomes increasingly technological, where people are consumed with texting, messaging, email, photographs, videos and social media, this timely production demonstrates the importance of interpersonal face-to-face communication, particularly during challenging times.

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