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SESSIONS with DR. MARK LERNER™ is a nonfiction educational streaming video series fostering emotional wellness. Distinguished “clients” enact unscripted SESSIONS from a challenging time in their life, and share how they used their painful emotional energy to overcome. Dr. Lerner's Session Notes provide practical strategies and tools to guide viewers through diverse challenges and change.



In 2008, an HBO drama entitled "In Treatment” debuted and ran through 2010. The program, about a psychologist and his patients, aired five nights a week. It won critical acclaim and numerous honors, including Emmy, Golden Globe and Writers Guild awards. There was clearly an audience for fictitious, meticulously scripted “therapy” sessions.


Today, an innovative nonfiction series entitled SESSIONS with DR. MARK LERNER™ is promoting emotional wellness. This production features a psychologist and his “clients” — people who have walked the journey from victim to survivor and, ultimately, thriver. 


Instead of scripted sessions portrayed by actors, real people enact a session from years past when they were grappling with a challenging experience. They then elucidate how they learned to harness their painful emotional energy and used it to overcome. 


Journalistic interviews are highly structured and “cognitive” — thought-based in nature. SESSIONS are prepared yet unscripted, facilitating the expression of authentic thoughts and feelings. Dr. Lerner’s “Session Notes,” immersed in this production, provide practical strategies and tools to guide viewers, and live audiences, who are struggling with adversity.


As our world becomes increasing technological, this timely series fosters emotional wellness — emphasizing the importance of interpersonal face-to-face communication, particularly during challenging times.

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